Gift Cards – You Should Consider Offering Gift Cards – at this important time, offering clients the ability to purchase Future Dining, Goods, and or Services for an Injection of Cash Immediately.

This Is Not Charity! This is Not a Bail Out – This is NOT WELFARE – this is just Business done right! This is Just a Time Warp – Money Now, Goodies Later.

Also, this provides the people that feel powerless to help, a painless and positive option to show their love and support. If you are everyone’s favorite sports, bar let them help!

Gift Cards Just Make sense. This is a way for your loyal clients, and those that simply want to help the critical fabric of Small Rural Businesses with this “Vote of Confidence” in you. When a client purchases a Gift Card it shows they believe that you, your important business, and your people will be available to serve them after this Virus is just a memory. Their purchase, injects critical cash now into your system to help you have confidence that you can keep the majority of your people working, and their families paying their bills, to support other small businesses. This is fundamental to our way of life. Let’s not wait for the Federal Government. Lets do this today – GetR’ Done!

Please Contact the Company SQUARE – to Arrange an Account Click Here so that Gift Card Purchases will generate cash deposited immediately into your bank see:

We are going to put every effort to get people browsing, and shopping at so we need you to add your business to the List: Click Here even if you do not have a Gift Card Yet, register Here Please Add to the Comments, any special instructions, special hours, drive thru specials, delivery instructions – or any other special business message that you need to get out.

If you Need Help with that – or more information, Please leave a message at 402-968-0821  and we will help you to get it done. When you have established your account, you will need to Paste the Link into this Form:

Finally:  Nebraska is now Authorized 3/23/2020 : SBA Loans Here  – get an inexpensive Small Business Loan